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Margarita Monleon de la LLuvia

Contemporary Abstract Painter  

Born in Red Bank, NJ

Lives in Northern New Mexico



Montclair State University

College of Santa Fe

University of New Mexico

From my still point 

I enter the doorway 

I begin to create.

Ideas emerge

Excitement builds

Emotions are felt

Colors pushing

Colors pulling

Textures building

Lines forming

Exploring, Exploring

wanting more.

From my stillpoint

my connection is made

I believe that there is a universal thread that unites us all.  

If I can create a piece of art that rides upon this thread where my thoughts, feelings and visions are understood then I feel I have succeeded as an artist. 

                                                    "Eternity Bridged"

 Dedicated to all those who did not have the strength and courage to handle the demands of their lives.  May their Spirits fly free.



















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