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 Gong  Bath 

    The Alchemy of Sound

Experience the sound of the Universe as you are showered by waves of  primordial vibrations.

A Gong Bath will help to align the chakras                      and harmonize the body .


    The frequencies and sounds of the gong     cannot be predicted by the mind so the mind                is slowed into a meditative state                           creating an alchemy of sound.

I have created a simple meditation for healing that includes a 3000 year old Japanese Prayer, aand a bit of chocolate to ground us back to earth when we are finished.


 Bring a yoga mat and a blanket or two.  An eye mask helps make all the difference in the world!  As well as a cushion to help keep you comfortable through your bath.


Please arrive 15 mins early to settle in for a                         prompt start at 7:30pm. 


If you have any questions please send  an email.        







                        or you can call me



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