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While serving in the Navy, my father, an American born German met my Spanish born mother in Tangier, Morrocco. 

I grew up in the small harbor town of Atlantic Highlands, NJ. with my 3 other siblings falling between my 2 sisters and a younger brother. 



At age 19 my mother died after a long a battle against cancer.  Shortly after her death my father was transferred to Flint, MI.  I like to refer to this time of my life as my "blue period."   The move to Flint left me feeling lost and very alone. I had turned to drugs, alcohol and mostly my art to help mourn my loss. 


After 5 years in Flint I knew I needed to leave the toxic environment I had created for myself and decided to get serious about my art. I went back to NJ where I attended Montclair University.

My second year into college I had an opportunity to spend a summer on an indian reservation as part of an anthropology class.  

I arrived to NM on a grey and rainy day.  After settling in with my host family,  night had come and the rain had stopped. 

My host had made up a pot of coffee and as she handed me my cup suggested that we go outside and watch the stars. The moment I stepped outside and saw how close I was to the stars I knew that I never wanted to live anywhere else.

The class left at the end of 6 weeks, but I stayed and transferred myself to the College of Santa Fe where I graduated with a BA in Fine Art. It's now been over 25 years and I am still here in the land of Enchantment and I am still looking at the stars like I did that very first night.

Through the magical spirit of New Mexico I have become very close to the Native people of this area where I am honored  and forever thankful for their teachings and healings that I have received and continue to receive over these many years.

I currently live on " The Mesa"  just outside of Taos with my dog Ruby.  Life is good for us in our adobe house. I get to wake up every morning kissed by the morning light and live my days in a land that feeds my spirit with its beauty.  I then go to sleep under the starry skies lulled by the primitive calls of the coyotes. 

It's a good life I live.

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